24 February 2013

Perjalanan Sebenar Mereka Telah Bermula

Physicians' Oath

I swear by Almighty Allah to :

~Observe Allah in my profession

~Preserve human life throughout all its phases and in all conditions and circumstances exerting my best to rescue it from death, disease, pain and worry

~Keep people's dignity and conceal their problems, malformations or secrets

~Be forever a means of mercy exerting my due medical care to everybody, the good and bad, to friends and foe

~Keep asking for science to exploit it for people's benefit, and not to harm them

~Respect who taught me, and teach who is younger than I am, and be brother for every colleague in the medical profession, coorperating for devotion and pity

~Make my life as true as my faith pure of what detour from Allah's path, His Prophet and the believers, in public and privacy.

and Allah witness my oath

First Batch Malaysian Students
Faculty Of Medicine, Zagazig University

Mereka telah berjaya sampai di penghujung jalan itu
adakah aku juga mampu mengharunginya?

ya, aku juga ingin seperti mereka
moga aku tidak tersungkur dalam mengikut jejak langkah yang mereka tinggalkan di pasir-pasir harapan
sebelum ia hilang ditiup bayu dugaan


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